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Interior Design

Many elements need to come together to create an interior which works for you, and the choice of products is mind-boggling. Items which look beautiful individually can look dreadful when put together.

That is where a good Interior Designer can make a difference, bringing together all those elements to make a pleasing whole.

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An interior should reflect the style, personality, interests, and past history of the owners.  In a home the family should be part of its ambience, not feel as if they are perched in a showpiece.

If you cannot include pictures and ornaments made by the children for example, because it spoils the look of the place, then in my view the designer has failed in understanding the customer’s qualities and in creating from them a meaningful and harmonious composition. In the case of commercial premises as well, a unique and welcoming ambience is just as important.  

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A quality of rootedness is also required. An interior should be an organic part of its setting, belonging there. With sympathetic shapes, textures, colours and materials, this can be achieved. 

Everything need not be spanking new and hugely expensive. In fact in the right hands the ambience of an interior can benefit from this not being the case. A good designer should be able to work new items in with the old, to create somewhere unique, harmonious and welcoming. 

This is what I aim to achieve. 

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My Interior Design service is flexible and bespoke. As a customer you can be involved as much or as little as you like. But every project, no matter how large or small, depends on attention to detail. The process can include the following:

•    Initial Consultation to meet you and understand you, and what you want to achieve, and to establish an overall vision. I can provide visual references to help understand your taste.
•    A Design Concept, developing interior design schemes, including mood boards. This can include furniture, lighting, paint, wallpaper, tiling, fabrics and accessories. 
•    Sourcing, Procurement and Project Management of suppliers, craftsmen, contractors  and products.
•    Time and advice as a one-off consultancy service.
•    Trouble-shooting service to correct and improve rooms that do not work or come together as the owner would wish.


Interior Design can be eye-wateringly expensive, and how much it will cost is often unclear. That is not the case with what I offer. My prices are transparent. I am independent, so I am not tied in to particular retailers and suppliers, although I have suppliers, contractors and artisans I trust. I do not take commission unless I pass it on to my customer.

If you are looking for help with your interior, please contact me. 



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